How a Probate Attorney Can Help Your Family Avoid Probate

Chicago Probate AttorneyWhen a family member passes away, the legal process known as probate can be daunting. Whether the deceased had a will or not, this procedure can include settling debts and distributing assets. An experienced Chicago Probate Attorney can help ensure that your loved one’s estate is transferred to the rightful heirs while meeting all necessary requirements.

An Illinois Wills & Trusts Lawyer can craft an estate plan for you and your family that will address your specific situation and goals. An effective plan can avoid many common legal complications after death, including a lengthy probate proceedings. An attorney can also review your situation to help you determine if a living trust, transfer-on-death deeds, or other legal structures are appropriate for your assets.

Estate planning attorneys can also assist you in establishing durable powers of attorney for healthcare and finances that name someone to make medical decisions or handle financial matters in case of incapacitation or death. These documents are critical to ensuring that your wishes are followed upon incapacitation or death, and they can provide peace of mind for your family members.

A Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer can also set up trusts to protect your property and assets from creditors or predators after you die. These trusts are effective tools for avoiding probate, preserving your family’s privacy, and keeping your family’s affairs out of the public eye.

While most people recognize the need for an effective estate plan, a lot of families fail to take the steps required to make their goals a reality. This can lead to costly legal disputes that put your family’s best interests at risk and cause a great deal of stress, especially during the grieving process. An experienced attorney can create a customized plan that meets your needs and avoids probate, as well as help you manage the process of executing a will or trust when necessary.

In addition to handling probate matters, an Illinois Wills & Trusts Attorney can assist with contested estates and other litigation involving inheritance issues. These legal challenges can arise from allegations of trustee misconduct, will contests, creditor claims against the estate and other issues that may require litigation. An experienced attorney can defend executors and heirs during these challenging circumstances and handle all other legal issues that may arise during the course of an estate administration.

Theodore “Ted” London is a nationally recognized estate planning and probate attorney who helps clients plan their estates and navigate complex legal issues. He co-hosts the radio show The Legal Line with Matt McGill & Kimberley Egonmwan every Thursday from 3:30 pm to 4:00pm on WVON 1690 AM. Ted is also a frequent guest on other local news programs. He is committed to helping educate the community about the importance of estate planning and providing expert legal services. He has a reputation for being thorough, responsive and compassionate. He is also an accomplished speaker who has presented at numerous educational and professional events.